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Cloud-Based POS Making Traditional Point of Sale Tools Superfluous

Cash registerIn a society where new innovations are marketed daily, it only seems expected that the manner in which items and technology are purchased would also be transforming. This is true in point of sale equipment. Point of sale, quite simply, is just that; it is the location that a sales transaction takes place, most commonly a checkout lane. Cash registers typically track and calculate transactions with software available to integrate several store locations together into a single system for easier account tracking. As high tech as this sounds, even this software technology has become outdated with the discovery of cloud point of sale solutions.

Just When You Thought You’d Seen It All

Now available online is cloud based point of sale, which has the same capabilities as a traditional point of sale system with less overhead, expense and hassle. The only requirements to access its features are an up to date computer compatible with‘s system. A simple sign up will give you quick access to updates involving your business’s financials that are completed for you automatically, and, best of all, there is no lengthy set up process. (more…)

How the Credit Card Processing Flow Works

Credit card processing flows

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Credit card companies are well known for being the provider of electronic charge cards to millions. However, these companies are not the only business entity involved in the actual processing a credit card transaction. The process involves multiple players, including merchants, credit card processers, credit companies that provide the related lending, and eventually the cardholder’s bank.

The credit card transaction starts well before any purchase occurs. The first player in the process is the issuing bank that provides the credit card to an individual buyer in the first place. The card is issued and synced with the credit card company once an account number is designated to the individual. The issuing bank will also be the collector of debt when the account balance comes due. (more…)

Let Payment Processors Fight For Having You as a Customer

Comparison-shopping saves business owners money. Companies like and help business owners compare merchant accounts. With so many credit card processing companies to choose from it’s hard to know which one is best suited for your needs. Their fees vary from little to a lot, their services differ and while many are completely legal, others are not. You can get free quotes from and so that you can choose the right one for your business. helps business owners choose the most affordable merchant account service to process their credit card payments and their service is free. They earn a commission from the merchant account service that you select. They use a credit card processing calculator to show you which company is the most affordable. All you have to do is sign up and you will receive quotes to show you your best option. They offer customer support during the time that you are with the company you select and you are allowed to have a month-by-month agreement with them for their service. (more…)


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  • No Ratings reviewsIf your business is in need of a credit card merchant account, is one option for you to consider. They’ve been in business for some time and they are a part of the biggest credit card network in the United Kingdom. They offer several different types of credit card machines and services to help you take credit card payments for your business. They are one of the better-known merchant account providers in the UK and they offer a lot of flexibility for those who need to start accepting payments on a regular basis. They also pride themselves on offering the ability to accept telephone credit card payments as well as accepting payments online. This company is used by a wide variety of businesses. (more…)


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