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E-Commerce Exchange on How Merchant Accounts Work

Credit cards for merchant accounts

A business owner who needs a merchant account will be able to obtain one from a company that represents the credit card issuers. In order to set up these business accounts, both the merchant and the credit card payment processor will need to draw up a contract detailing the services that the processor will provide and for what price. Then, the merchants will be able to accept credit cards as payment in their businesses. (more…)

Cloud-Based POS Making Traditional Point of Sale Tools Superfluous

Cash registerIn a society where new innovations are marketed daily, it only seems expected that the manner in which items and technology are purchased would also be transforming. This is true in point of sale equipment. Point of sale, quite simply, is just that; it is the location that a sales transaction takes place, most commonly a checkout lane. Cash registers typically track and calculate transactions with software available to integrate several store locations together into a single system for easier account tracking. As high tech as this sounds, even this software technology has become outdated with the discovery of cloud point of sale solutions.

Just When You Thought You’d Seen It All

Now available online is cloud based point of sale, which has the same capabilities as a traditional point of sale system with less overhead, expense and hassle. The only requirements to access its features are an up to date computer compatible with‘s system. A simple sign up will give you quick access to updates involving your business’s financials that are completed for you automatically, and, best of all, there is no lengthy set up process. (more…)

Merchant Account Holders, Place These Crucial 7 Items on Your To-Do List

To-do list for merchant account holdersA merchant receives a billing statement and the rates do not reflect the fee schedule that was outlined. Another merchant receives the news that her funds are being held until the transaction’s authenticity can be verified and bank statements collected to ensure that she can cover any potential customer dispute or chargeback. Another business owner learns that his merchant account has been closed due to inactivity and excessive rejects.

As a merchant account agent for over the last decade, I have heard and witnessed the aforementioned scenarios and quite a slew of others – most of which could have been prevented by an enlightened merchant who researches the merchant account field before opening a merchant account and looks over the contract before providing a signature. Of course, it is also imperative to sign with a merchant account provider, noted for honesty, integrity, and full disclosure. But the purpose of this article is to outline steps you can take to avoid potential merchant account minefields. (more…)

Welcoming International Customers with a Multi-Currency Merchant Account

International customers In the global economy we live in, it is becoming ever more popular for companies to expand their products and services for use all over the world. While this opens new avenues for business, it also comes with complications, one of those being the fact that there are different currencies the world over, and typical merchant accounts only service the business’s home currency. International customers are not likely to take the time to convert currency before the purchase of your product; they will simply move onto a competitor who simplifies the process. Fortunately, with a multi-currency merchant account, any business can keep up with the competitors in this aspect.

Axcess Merchant Services understands this dilemma, which is why they have introduced a very compatible multi-currency merchant account that is easy to set up and use. So, in the event that a customer in Guatemala wishes to purchase a product from a merchant in the United States, this service allows the customer to pay in quetzals and the merchant to automatically receive an accurately converted dollar amount. In our global economy, it is nearly impossible for merchants to survive without this technology, especially in online endeavors. (more…)

How the Credit Card Processing Flow Works

Credit card processing flows

Credits for this image go to Credit Card Processing Blog

Credit card companies are well known for being the provider of electronic charge cards to millions. However, these companies are not the only business entity involved in the actual processing a credit card transaction. The process involves multiple players, including merchants, credit card processers, credit companies that provide the related lending, and eventually the cardholder’s bank.

The credit card transaction starts well before any purchase occurs. The first player in the process is the issuing bank that provides the credit card to an individual buyer in the first place. The card is issued and synced with the credit card company once an account number is designated to the individual. The issuing bank will also be the collector of debt when the account balance comes due. (more…)

High Risk Payment Processing and Reserves

Processing of high-risk paymentsAs a merchant, high risk payment processing can allow you to accept credit and debit card payments, even though the category of your business is typically denied access to these services. There is generally a higher rate associated with usage of this service when compared to merchants in other categories of businesses. A high-risk merchant account from a company like Merchant Express can be the solution to your difficulties with payment processing, and your reserves are perhaps one of the most important components of this decision. As a seller online, you are well aware that the anonymity associated with online purchases when compared to traditional retail transactions results in a higher rate of instances of fraud, and online payment processing services typically deny payment processing to providers of certain types of businesses. (more…)

Merchant Account Comparison: iPayDNA vs IntelliCollect

iPayDNA logo VS Logo of IntelliCollect

It’s time for another one of our merchant account comparisons, this time we will be comparing IntelliCollect and iPayDNA. Both companies provide services for Internet merchants to have their credit and debit cards processed, as well as various forms of paying without using a card. iPayDNA is more of an international-oriented company, whereas IntelliCollect prefers to stay more in the US with its activities and really wants to become the number one merchant account service. (more…)

CardFellow Review

For many people, the American dream involves starting a business and working hard to see that it is successful. Part of ensuring that a business is successful means keeping up with technological trends in order to maintain efficiency. One of the cornerstones of any successful business is the ability to process credit card payments. And while few businesses can survive without a modern credit card payment system, there are a lot of headaches that come with this system.

Business owners with a credit card payment system in place have to deal with outside processors, organizations that complete credit card transactions for businesses. Once a card is swiped in the business, it’s up to the processor to take care of all the details involved in performing the merchant account fees for the bank. Processors charge a fee for their services and many times it’s difficult for the business owner to know whether or not this fee is fair. That’s where CardFellow comes into play.

What CardFellow Does for You

Credit card processing with a is a free website that takes bids from various credit card processors across the country and lists them for the customer. In this way business owners can select low bids from a wide variety of processors. Not only does this save the business owner money, it also gives him or her a better understanding of the cost structure of processors. CardFellow has been in business for over six years and has a sterling reputation as an online merchant service, providing merchant account comparisons. (more…)

Mobile Credit Card Processing With Square (Up)

Square Up with iPhone attachment

Merchants need to be flexible in order to meet the needs and demands of their customers. Even if you’re working at a fair or a convention, you need to be able to accept all sorts of different payments. After all, just because someone doesn’t have cash, that’s no reason to turn someone away. But traditional credit card processing machines are bulky and expensive, requiring wires and a connection to get a signal out. However, Square Up can make credit card processing a simple snap as long as you have a smart phone to do the work for you.

What is Square Up?

Square Up (or Square, as you wish) is an attachment of both hardware and software that turns your smart phone into a credit card processing machine. You can get it as an iPhone app or as an Android app. All you have to do is pay the necessary fees, and you have a credit card processor in the palm of your hand without having to buy any new equipment. (more…)

Obtaining a Merchant Account While Having Bad Credit

Merchant account when having bad creditIn today’s commercial business market it appears to be essential to have a merchant account service or other type of commercial ability to receive credit cards online and perform essential financial transactions online. A competitive edge is gained through customer-friendly online financial services. Consumers are more and more depending on the internet for their daily shopping needs and immediate payment is essential for a merchant in order not to lose that sale to a competitor that may have a faster check-out and payment system. If a merchant and company owner however is plagued with poor credit for some unforeseen reason or unavoidable circumstance the company will suffer more if a merchant account is denied because of the owner’s poor credit.

E-Commerce in Today’s Economy

Co-signorA secure payment gateway may be obtained through available means that include using an ACH delay agreement with the banker or perhaps even using a co-signor to bring a good credit rating to the negotiating table with the banking services representative. An ACH delay means that the deposit of processing funds to the bank account involved will be withheld for a few extra days as a guarantee that all the incoming transactions are proper. Using a co-signor means just that and the co-signor will assist with the risk of paying the funds back to the bank in the unfortunate circumstance of their not being enough business income to pay back the funds involved. (more…)

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