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Mobile Credit Card Processing With Square (Up)

Square Up with iPhone attachment

Merchants need to be flexible in order to meet the needs and demands of their customers. Even if you’re working at a fair or a convention, you need to be able to accept all sorts of different payments. After all, just because someone doesn’t have cash, that’s no reason to turn someone away. But traditional credit card processing machines are bulky and expensive, requiring wires and a connection to get a signal out. However, Square Up can make credit card processing a simple snap as long as you have a smart phone to do the work for you.

What is Square Up?

Square Up (or Square, as you wish) is an attachment of both hardware and software that turns your smart phone into a credit card processing machine. You can get it as an iPhone app or as an Android app. All you have to do is pay the necessary fees, and you have a credit card processor in the palm of your hand without having to buy any new equipment. (more…)

Time to Jump on The Mobile Payment Bandwagon

Mobile payments on smartphonesAs mobile payment processing gains more and more of a toe hold in the market, and as smartphone usage continues to increase, more and more businesses are scrambling to accept mobile payments. Now, mobile payments are different from the idea of using an Internet banking service like PayPal via your smartphone, and they’re also different from accessories that allow you to create an iPhone credit card reader; rather mobile payment gives you the ability to read a customer’s smartphone and use it as a form of payment. And while there are systems ranging from Square to Google’s platform that are trying to get into the market, many businesses are still holding off and watching.

The benefits of iPhone credit card readers are directly proportional to smartphone usage among your potential customers. If you’re a broader merchant and you want to offer all of the potential payment options you can to your customers, then mobile payment processing with a service like Intuit might be just the thing to give you a leg up on the competition. On the other hand if your customers by and large don’t have smartphones, or they’ve indicated that using mobile payment processing wouldn’t be considered advantageous, then investing in the up and coming technology might not be such a wise business maneuver. (more…)

Accepting Credit Cards with an iPhone: Is it Safe?

Credit card reader for iPhoneIf your business requires door-to-door sales, such as lawn care services or pet sitting, you likely spend much of your time driving from place to place. When you need to accept a credit card payment, you are either forced to wait till you are in front of your computer or credit terminal, or you can just choose not to accept cards as a form of payment. Both of these scenarios can cost your business customers and lost sales. By now you’ve likely heard of the credit card app for iPhones, which allow you to process credit card transactions with your cell phone, but you may be wondering how safe they are.

Keeping the Business Owner Safe

A safety feature of iPhone credit card payments, which is also convenient, is that you will know right away if the transaction is approved or declined. This cuts back on any lost sales that could result from customer error or fraudulent credit cards. As well, the transaction processes immediately, and the payment deposited into your merchant account is immediate, which gives you quicker access to your funds. You have the option of protecting the application with a private password, and you can use your merchant account and payment gateway for fraud protection and management. (more…)


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