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Time to Jump on The Mobile Payment Bandwagon

Mobile payments on smartphonesAs mobile payment processing gains more and more of a toe hold in the market, and as smartphone usage continues to increase, more and more businesses are scrambling to accept mobile payments. Now, mobile payments are different from the idea of using an Internet banking service like PayPal via your smartphone, and they’re also different from accessories that allow you to create an iPhone credit card reader; rather mobile payment gives you the ability to read a customer’s smartphone and use it as a form of payment. And while there are systems ranging from Square to Google’s platform that are trying to get into the market, many businesses are still holding off and watching.

The benefits of iPhone credit card readers are directly proportional to smartphone usage among your potential customers. If you’re a broader merchant and you want to offer all of the potential payment options you can to your customers, then mobile payment processing with a service like Intuit might be just the thing to give you a leg up on the competition. On the other hand if your customers by and large don’t have smartphones, or they’ve indicated that using mobile payment processing wouldn’t be considered advantageous, then investing in the up and coming technology might not be such a wise business maneuver. (more…)

Accepting Credit Cards with an iPhone: Is it Safe?

Credit card reader for iPhoneIf your business requires door-to-door sales, such as lawn care services or pet sitting, you likely spend much of your time driving from place to place. When you need to accept a credit card payment, you are either forced to wait till you are in front of your computer or credit terminal, or you can just choose not to accept cards as a form of payment. Both of these scenarios can cost your business customers and lost sales. By now you’ve likely heard of the credit card app for iPhones, which allow you to process credit card transactions with your cell phone, but you may be wondering how safe they are.

Keeping the Business Owner Safe

A safety feature of iPhone credit card payments, which is also convenient, is that you will know right away if the transaction is approved or declined. This cuts back on any lost sales that could result from customer error or fraudulent credit cards. As well, the transaction processes immediately, and the payment deposited into your merchant account is immediate, which gives you quicker access to your funds. You have the option of protecting the application with a private password, and you can use your merchant account and payment gateway for fraud protection and management. (more…)

Merchant Account Comparison: MerchantPlus vs 2CheckOut

If you are looking to expand your business and you want to now accept credit cards, many merchant account services are available. These companies provide the system to use in your brick and mortar store or your online business to accept credit cards. Two reputable merchant account service companies include MerchantPlus and 2CheckOut. Each company offers its own set of services and advantages. The best merchant account service for you depends on your unique situation and the type of business you run. (more…)

Merchant Account Comparison: ProPay vs Paypal

Businesses selling merchandise or receiving online payments need a way to collect and accept money. Merchant accounts are one option for people or businesses wanting to process payments such as credit and debit cards. Many companies offer merchant accounts. However, there are two popular merchant accounts, PayPal and ProPay. Both ProPay and PayPal have things in common. For instance, they are both third-party merchant services. Yet these third-party services differ.


ProPay logoA ProPay merchant account processes credit and debit card payments. The merchant doesn’t require businesses to create a ProPay account to receive payments. Thus, sellers can receive money faster. The downside, however, of using ProPay is that it doesn’t have a uniform protection policy. Instead, the merchant is bound by the individual terms of protection policies provided by buyers’ credit and debit cards. Another difference between the two merchants is fees. (more…)

Merchant Account Comparison: ProPay vs Electronic Transfer

Most business owners require having efficient and convenient means of transacting in the credit market. This necessitates the need to have credit cards, which have a number of responsibilities and fees that ought to be undertaken. Companies that offer credit card processing services have tight security measures put in place for the customers’ personal information so as to prevent any fraud or theft associated with credit transactions.

Companies that facilitate these services also strive hard to ensure that they make appropriate profits from the fees paid by the customers and at the same guarantees high quality services that commensurate with the charges incurred. This article will succinctly explain the difference that exists between ProPay and Electronic Transfer’s services. (more…)

Looking Beyond Merchant Account Rates

Stealing money from a merchantBusinesses often make the mistake of only looking at merchant account rates when evaluating companies that offer merchant services. This is not a good way to evaluate competitors because it does not take into account if there are termination fees, the level of customer service they offer, and the choices and requirements for POS equipment. and Merchant Warehouse will be evaluated to show the importance of a proper evaluation of a company. (more…)

Let Payment Processors Fight For Having You as a Customer

Comparison-shopping saves business owners money. Companies like and help business owners compare merchant accounts. With so many credit card processing companies to choose from it’s hard to know which one is best suited for your needs. Their fees vary from little to a lot, their services differ and while many are completely legal, others are not. You can get free quotes from and so that you can choose the right one for your business. helps business owners choose the most affordable merchant account service to process their credit card payments and their service is free. They earn a commission from the merchant account service that you select. They use a credit card processing calculator to show you which company is the most affordable. All you have to do is sign up and you will receive quotes to show you your best option. They offer customer support during the time that you are with the company you select and you are allowed to have a month-by-month agreement with them for their service. (more…)

Free Merchant Account Services: Do They Exist?

Free merchant account?There really isn’t any such thing as a free merchant account service. No one works for nothing so if you find one that says they are free, they may be a scam. is a merchant account service that says they offer many free services but for a limited time only, while Merchant Warehouse does not list their fees at all. They say that every business is different so their fees will differ. Before signing a contract with a merchant account service be sure that they charge no hidden fees and that they don’t gradually increase over time. (more…)

Merchant Account Comparison: vs PayLane

PayLane reviews VS reviews

A merchant account provider gives business owners the ability to accept credit card payments, wire transfers, debit accounts, and other forms of payment in both traditional and e-commerce retail settings. Business owners have a number of options when searching for a merchant account provider. It is wise for clients to do a merchant account comparison between providers to help decide what is best for their business. and are two such services and business owners have a lot to decide upon when comparing these providers. Offers Limited Types of Payments for all Types of Business

Accepting credit cards with is a United States-based merchant account provider. It is good for small to mid-size businesses. accepts credit card payments for e-commerce websites, as well as for traditional businesses, like retail stores and restaurants. It offers free, 24-hour live customer support, no cancellation fees to cancel a contract, and new customers can apply and get approved online for a account. In addition to its merchant services, offers a number of free services– like shopping cart icons for client websites, free search engine software, and no-cost setup fees. is generally good for businesses that do not have a lot of liquid cash flow and start-up money. Fees start at varying prices and are based on the client’s transaction volume. Payments accepted include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Diner’s Club. A drawback, however, is that is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Suited for E-Commerce Clients Looking for Large Variety of Payment Options is a European-based merchant account service. It is good for e-commerce clients and clients that need payments by mail and phone orders. It does not support traditional retail stores and restaurants. clients can expect 24-hour telephone support and updates by PayLane through social media like Twitter and Facebook. A perk to business owners is that the name of the transaction will be that of the client’s business, not “PayLane”, to allow clients to build their branding. Payments accepted include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, PayPal, and a number of wire transfer agencies and European-based bank debit cards. Fees start at .12 euros plus, a commission fee of 2% per transaction.

PayLane - payment processing

Do Your Homework and Compare

Because of the differences in services offered, it is clear that doing a merchant account comparison is important for business owners. and are just two of the many merchant account providers available to clients. A thorough comparison will ensure that business owners get all of the services that they and their customers need.

What Is The Match List?

Merchant account being closedThe MATCH list (Member Alert to Control High-risk system) or Terminated Merchant File (TMF) is system utilized by MasterCard to identify merchants who have had their accounts terminated by the merchant account processor.

If you have ever applied for a merchant account, or are going to in the future, the bank will consult the TMF to see if you have ever had a merchant account terminated. If you have had a terminated merchant account in the past, the bank will most likely see you as an unnecessary credit risk. The chances are very low of getting approved if your name is on this list. (more…)

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