Mobile Credit Card Processing With Square (Up)

Square Up with iPhone attachment

Merchants need to be flexible in order to meet the needs and demands of their customers. Even if you’re working at a fair or a convention, you need to be able to accept all sorts of different payments. After all, just because someone doesn’t have cash, that’s no reason to turn someone away. But traditional credit card processing machines are bulky and expensive, requiring wires and a connection to get a signal out. However, Square Up can make credit card processing a simple snap as long as you have a smart phone to do the work for you.

What is Square Up?

Square Up (or Square, as you wish) is an attachment of both hardware and software that turns your smart phone into a credit card processing machine. You can get it as an iPhone app or as an Android app. All you have to do is pay the necessary fees, and you have a credit card processor in the palm of your hand without having to buy any new equipment.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

Square signing exampleSquare Up is simple, cheap and if you already have a smart phone it’s a no-brainer solution to the problem of how a smaller, more mobile business is going to be able to accept credit cards while on the move. On the other hand though, business owners that aren’t technologically savvy and who don’t already have a smart phone might be making an investment into something that they otherwise wouldn’t have used. And in addition to the fees you pay for the download and use of the product, you have to keep in mind where your coverage is coming from. If you’re moving about in a city, or in well-populated areas with lots of cell towers then you should be all right.

However, rural merchants might find that they still can’t process credit cards because of the lack of a signal coming to their smart phones in order to run the program. Square Up will only work if you get reception, which is an important point to remember when choosing your smart phone network and information provider.

However, all of that said and weighed back and forth, Square is a versatile solution for modern day merchants that are looking for a way to step into the 21st century and to accept all sorts of payments and increase their revenue. After all, businesses can never afford to turn down sales.

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  • Do you have any video of that? I’d love to find out more details.

  • Hello before you think of getting involved with “Square Up” educate yourself they are a bunch of thieves that take your money and never deposite into your bank account! After that happends and you want to get ahold of them its literally imposible!! they have no phone number to call!! And the one they give you never works!! read all reviews before you have your money stolen in front of your eyes!!

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