Non-Profits and Credit Card Processing

Non-profits that are qualified by the government as charities and not-for-profit agencies, may be free from taxes but they still have to be concerned with money. And when it comes to processing money, whether it’s for donations or for something else, non-profits still need to keep up with the latest technologies.

Dharma Merchant Services

Dharma merchant services for non-profitsDharma Merchant Services is a company that works personally with business owners, whether for profit or non-profit, ensuring that they have all of the tools necessary to accept credit card and other payments. Additionally, since non-profits hold a unique place, lower processing fees and other benefits are available. Given that Dharma Merchant Services is a business that’s dedicated to being ethical and green, those sorts of goals fit admirably with non-profits looking for a principled partner.

Technology Options and Non-Profits

Processing a credit card paymentJust because a business is a non-profit, doesn’t mean that they don’t need the ability to handle money. For instance, many non-profits run retail stores, where the money earned goes to fund programs in the organization. If that’s the case then the business needs to have the capacity to accept credit cards on site. Additionally, if non-profits want to keep up with technological trends, handheld credit card readers that can be taken on donation drives and other outings are a good investment, especially in communities where people don’t carry cash as a rule. Even smaller non-profits can get in on the action, with accessories that can be attached to smartphones that turn them into viable credit card machines.

All in all, it’s important for non-profits to keep up with the times and offer dynamic services that keep them competitive. However, it’s equally important that they are business savvy with their solutions and seek out the best possible options that fit with their goals and their needs as a company.

Costs and Benefits

It’s important that all businesses evaluate the benefits they’ll receive from credit card processing services, and the need that they have for those services. While you may be offered lower processing fees as a non-profit organization, you will still have to charge something. Additionally, if your business gets on well without credit cards, or if your clients don’t believe that you need to expand, then there may be no need to divert resources to offering additional payment options.

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