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Axcess Merchant Services reviewsAxcess Merchant Services is UK based and services seasoned online businesses. It helps merchants form solid banking relationships in order to process online payments. Transparency and straightforwardness are principles Axcess utilizes to better commercial service for merchants. In the past, Axcess ran similar businesses offering online payment processing; however, in 2000 it decided to address the needs of well-established businesses. The company understands that these businesses require products and services to meet their complex needs. The principles of keeping everything simple and understanding merchants’ requirements sets this particular company apart from other online payment services. Axcess works with merchants to assess the processing relationship with their card-acquiring partner and develops solutions. Further, they recognize that businesses differ and work to provide payment solutions for them.

What Businesses Use Axcess Merchant Services?

Bank relationships and card payment solutions are two commercial services that are important to a business, and Axcess has experts to assist merchants with their online payment processing needs. One of their main goals is to make the relationship between the card acquiring partner and merchant simpler. Their team accomplishes this by understanding the merchant’s business model and tailoring a satisfactory card processing solution. Representatives and a team of experts are available to answer questions and to resolve issues in an efficient manner. When needed, merchants can contact Axcess’ representatives online at or by phone.

Axcess Merchant Services offers its online merchants several account options for payment processing including mail order or telephone order payments with virtual terminals, recurring billing services, multicurrency merchant accounts, offshore account services, and online payment processing security. Additionally, finding the best payment solutions for merchants include the appropriate technical solutions and cultivating the proper relationships with bank or other card-acquiring partners.

Multicurrency merchant accounts and offshore accounts are two types of accounts that encounter challenges when trying to establish a commercial relationship or finding a reliable banking partner. However, Axcess has the tools and expertise to work with merchants and banking partners for establishing solid commercial relationships.

Unique Features of Axcess

Axcess gives merchants an easy way to request a call back or to submit a full application on its website Merchants under time constraints can fill out a mini online application to start the process. This feature saves time and is an added convenience for merchants. Some of the other services and products offered for online merchant accounts are gateway services, mobile billing, fraud prevention, and management tools.

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