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Reviews of Google CheckoutGoogle Checkout is an online merchant account service that makes it possible for you to accept payments on your website. While Google is primarily known for its search engine and advertising programs, it also offers Google Checkout as a tool for webmasters to use. It is similar to some of the other online payment processing companies, but it does provide a unique spin on the industry overall. If you’re in the market for a merchant account from a trusted source, Google Checkout is a program that you should consider. As with other merchant account providers, Google Checkout offers the ability to set up the program on your site with either the HTML or XML-based API. Before making your decision, you’ll need to consider the individual aspects of the program and what it has to offer in comparison to the other popular merchant account options out there. Reviewing these key areas can help you make an educated decision.

What Businesses Use Google Checkout?

Google Checkout can be used for any type of business. As long as you have a website, you can use Google Checkout to accept credit card and other card payments online. If you sell products or services online, you can accept payments and allow customers to order items from your site.

Customer Service

One of the primary shortcomings of Google Checkout is its customer service track record. While it does provide a fairly solid system overall, its customer service is considered to be a weak link. Many users have reported that Google is very difficult to contact through a customer service line or through email. Consumers have more complaints than merchants because they sometimes have issues with refunds or returns. Because of this, you should be a little concerned about making your customers upset if you use Google Checkout on your website.

Price/Fee Structure

Google Checkout uses a combination of a fixed transaction fee of $.30 and a percentage of the sale. If you sell less than $3000 a month through the program, the transaction fee will be 2.9%. If you sell between $3000 and $9999 the percentage lowers to 2.5%. Sales between $10,000 and $99,999 result in a 2.2% fee. Anything over $100,000 per month in sales gets you a 1.9% fee.

Unique Features of Google Checkout

Google Checkout doesn’t require any monthly fees or setup fees. They also make it easy for you to setup the program on your site. It can also be integrated with your Adwords and Adsense accounts. This means that your earnings can offset the fees.

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