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  • No Ratings approves about 99 percent of all applications it receives for merchant accounts. This stunning approval rate gives hope to new business owners who struggle with credit and risk issues but still need to grow sales. Cash-only businesses have trouble expanding because most consumers want to pay with credit and debit cards. Merchant Account Providers goes the extra mile to provide sellers the tools they need to accept non-cash payments inside their local or virtual stores. The company also supports mobile payment processing options for freelancers and service professionals who can build their businesses by accepting on-the-spot payments.

Mobile payments work with a smartphone and a special app that allows merchants to key in transaction data. The mobile app sends receipts to customers via email and sends payment confirmations to merchants.

What Businesses Use Merchant Account Providers? provides services for high-risk business customers, restaurants, traditional retail stores, mobile professionals and online retailers. The company provides quick payment transfers, so it naturally attracts customers who have concerns with their cash flow.

Customer Service

Merchant Account Providers has 24-hour customer service that stays open every day of the week. Sellers always can get their questions answered by speaking to a live support representative, so they rarely lose sales from problems with transaction processing services.

Price/Fee Structure

Bad credit merchants often must pay higher transaction processing fees and service charges than business that have good credit. helps level the playing field by keeping fees low for all customers..

Standard rates charged by Merchant Account Providers include retail transaction fees of 1.09 percent of the transaction amount plus $.19. Internet sellers pay 1.99 percent plus $.19 per transaction. Companies that accept e-checks via ACH pay 1.79 percent for retail transactions and 2.19 percent for online transactions.

Monthly service charges and other fees may apply. Also, high-risk customers usually pay a higher rate. Business owners should ask for a custom rate quote before accepting transaction services from Merchant Account Providers.

Unique Features of

This service provider has a high acceptance rate for applicants, giving new businesses and small businesses a good chance to build their sales and their credit rating. Free support and other services help make this merchant account service an attractive option to a variety of business customers.

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