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Merchant Account Comparison: vs PayLane

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A merchant account provider gives business owners the ability to accept credit card payments, wire transfers, debit accounts, and other forms of payment in both traditional and e-commerce retail settings. Business owners have a number of options when searching for a merchant account provider. It is wise for clients to do a merchant account comparison between providers to help decide what is best for their business. and are two such services and business owners have a lot to decide upon when comparing these providers. Offers Limited Types of Payments for all Types of Business

Accepting credit cards with is a United States-based merchant account provider. It is good for small to mid-size businesses. accepts credit card payments for e-commerce websites, as well as for traditional businesses, like retail stores and restaurants. It offers free, 24-hour live customer support, no cancellation fees to cancel a contract, and new customers can apply and get approved online for a account. In addition to its merchant services, offers a number of free services– like shopping cart icons for client websites, free search engine software, and no-cost setup fees. is generally good for businesses that do not have a lot of liquid cash flow and start-up money. Fees start at varying prices and are based on the client’s transaction volume. Payments accepted include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Diner’s Club. A drawback, however, is that is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Suited for E-Commerce Clients Looking for Large Variety of Payment Options is a European-based merchant account service. It is good for e-commerce clients and clients that need payments by mail and phone orders. It does not support traditional retail stores and restaurants. clients can expect 24-hour telephone support and updates by PayLane through social media like Twitter and Facebook. A perk to business owners is that the name of the transaction will be that of the client’s business, not “PayLane”, to allow clients to build their branding. Payments accepted include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, PayPal, and a number of wire transfer agencies and European-based bank debit cards. Fees start at .12 euros plus, a commission fee of 2% per transaction.

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Do Your Homework and Compare

Because of the differences in services offered, it is clear that doing a merchant account comparison is important for business owners. and are just two of the many merchant account providers available to clients. A thorough comparison will ensure that business owners get all of the services that they and their customers need.

How To: Cut Down Costs of Your Merchant Account

Cut merchant account costsMerchant account services are a wonderful way of building your business. By accepting credit cards, you open up a whole new path for customers to buy your product or services. However, costs from merchant services can run high, therefore diminishing the profits from your sales. There are ways to sign up for an array of benefits from your merchant service account, and the cost can be free or nominal. (more…)


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