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Merchant Account Holders, Place These Crucial 7 Items on Your To-Do List

To-do list for merchant account holdersA merchant receives a billing statement and the rates do not reflect the fee schedule that was outlined. Another merchant receives the news that her funds are being held until the transaction’s authenticity can be verified and bank statements collected to ensure that she can cover any potential customer dispute or chargeback. Another business owner learns that his merchant account has been closed due to inactivity and excessive rejects.

As a merchant account agent for over the last decade, I have heard and witnessed the aforementioned scenarios and quite a slew of others – most of which could have been prevented by an enlightened merchant who researches the merchant account field before opening a merchant account and looks over the contract before providing a signature. Of course, it is also imperative to sign with a merchant account provider, noted for honesty, integrity, and full disclosure. But the purpose of this article is to outline steps you can take to avoid potential merchant account minefields. (more…)

Merchant Account Comparison: iPayDNA vs IntelliCollect

iPayDNA logo VS Logo of IntelliCollect

It’s time for another one of our merchant account comparisons, this time we will be comparing IntelliCollect and iPayDNA. Both companies provide services for Internet merchants to have their credit and debit cards processed, as well as various forms of paying without using a card. iPayDNA is more of an international-oriented company, whereas IntelliCollect prefers to stay more in the US with its activities and really wants to become the number one merchant account service. (more…)


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Logo of IntelliCollectIntelliCollect is a merchant account provider offering merchants a low cost credit card processing alternative. Additionally, IntelliCollect is a registered agent of PowerPay, and is committed to offering the best merchant services, superlative customer service, complete transparency, and the lowest fees and rates on all of its services. Over the last 10 years, the company has listened and addressed merchants’ concerns about full disclosure of rates and fees, improved customer service efficiency, lower rates and fees, a streamlined application process, and faster approvals. Merchants have options for quicker funding directly into their accounts. Integrity is important and is why the Better Business Bureau rated IntelliCollect with an A+. The company’s motto says it all “Perfect Price, Stellar Service” and it extends to every merchant account. (more…)


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