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Merchant Warehouse

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Merchante Warehouse reviewsMerchant Warehouse is a merchant account services company specializing in the credit card processing business. Founded in 1998, Merchant Warehouse is the first merchant account services provider to offer credit card processing services on the Internet. Today, the company serves well over 100,000 merchant accounts and processes more than $7 billion in credit-card sales a year. New customers continually join the company at a rate of 30,000 merchants a year. Merchant Warehouse ranks the highest in customer satisfaction and retention rate and is the longest standing member with Better Business Bureau. The company provides merchant customers the lowest price guarantees on both overall processing costs and terminals and software. Account setup is quick and easy with no application and programming fees. (more…)

Free Merchant Account Services: Do They Exist?

Free merchant account?There really isn’t any such thing as a free merchant account service. No one works for nothing so if you find one that says they are free, they may be a scam. is a merchant account service that says they offer many free services but for a limited time only, while Merchant Warehouse does not list their fees at all. They say that every business is different so their fees will differ. Before signing a contract with a merchant account service be sure that they charge no hidden fees and that they don’t gradually increase over time. (more…)

How You Should Select the Best Merchant Account For Your Business

Credit card payment

In today’s increasingly cash-free world accepting credit cards and debit cards is no longer a viable option for most businesses. If a merchant doesn’t accept credit cards they risk turning away a large portion of their potential market. Identifying who provides the best merchant account services has become a critical requirement in providing the merchant the widest range of payment options for their customers.

Merchant account reviews are not as common as reviews for restaurants or movies, merchants tend to enter into multi-year processing deals and switching costs can be high so side by side comparisons can be few and far between. But when evaluating a company such as Merchant Warehouse be aware that there are two primary methods in which a processor derives the bulk of their income. First there are fees, some of which are one time at setup and some of which are recurring on a per transaction basis or as monthly statement fees. (more…)


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